About us


We have a new name, a new face but the same soul!

We believe in the power of carefully crafted performances to incite thoughts and inspire.

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We want to entertain, engage, stimulate conversation, help, bring joy and positivity. We want to create and tour original work that explores topics in a multi-perspective way, and storytelling in narrative and abstract forms.


We aim to have a permanent group of performers with whom to create and tour original work. We want to collaborate with professionals of creative disciplines and beyond, as well as be opened to students and new artists to explore their practices and ideas.


  • To entertain and engage audiences
  • To be widely accessible
  • To be helpful to society 
  • To support new/young artists in their creative expression
  • To be open-minded
  • To explore cultural interchange and be culturally diverse
  • To avoid commitment in regards to style, genre and creative technique
  • Commitment to freedom of creativity 
  • Commitment to thorough historical and/ or cultural research when it is the case
  • To approach production decisions with environmental responsibility To learn and create through collaboration and engagement with experienced creators of all artistic disciplines as well as with young creators
  • Commitment to excellent work led by a moving body

Silver Dance, now Terpsichoring, was founded in 2019 by choreographer and dance artist Ana Silvério.